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Movies4k is a movie webiste with many high quality movies and cinema films.

You dont have to download anything in order to watch movies on Movies4k

All you need to watch movies right away on this site is:

-Adobe flash player ( to watch Flash movies and Megavideo ) – dont need to download if using Google chrome, since its built-in.

-DivX Web-Player  ( to watch Divx movies )

In the right upper side of the website you can choose between few flags, between movie audio titles: English, German, French, Spanish, Italy, Japanese, Turky and Russian.

The movies sometimes need up to 2,3 minutes to buffer, if it still doesnt want to load, then try to refresh the page ( F5 ) .

Sometimes the movie is removed or the mirror link doesnt work at all.

Then you should try it with another mirror link, as there are often more then two or three.





The sites also features TV-Shows.


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